The Overlooked 50

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The overlooked 50


Over the past year, there has been resurgence in the market for 50mm lenses from a wide variety of manufacturers. Needless to say, they all claim their 50, 55 or 58 are the best in their class. If it’s not the Nikon 58, then it must be the Sigma ART, Leica APO, Zeiss Otus or Lens X from Sylvester McMonkey McBean. Let’s face it, we have seen them, praised them and condemned them all without even owning them. It’s too big. It’s too expensive. It produces beautiful bokeh. It’s sharp. It’s dull. It is full of CA. It’s manual focus. It focuses too slow. It’s not weather sealed. And so on … But, we talk about them. Either in a positive or negative way, they get our attention and become the topic of discussion for the day, week or however long that thread on a forum lives for.


Annex Building Downtown Portland.

I am here to tell you of a not so talked about or popular lens that gets overlooked way too often. Rarely gets mentioned as a super lens or a must have. I am talking about the Sony Zeiss ZA 50mm 1.4 Planar. A lens made for the A mount Sony cameras like the A900, A77, A99 etc … When paired with an A99, A6000 or A7 it produces amazing images with such contrast and detail that it’s hard to imagine even considering a third party lens for your Alpha camera. Granted, it is a little expensive but you can find deals now and then. When compared to some other high priced 50’s, it starts to look even more attractive and worth considering. It is less expensive than the new Nikon 58, Zeiss Otus or Leica APO. However, It’s is worth every penny and when you start using it you will know why. Simply put, this lens is result oriented and it delivers without question.


The morning after the fight. Sitting outside of Escape from new York Pizza in Portland, this kind gent was telling me of a fight he was involved in the night before. As you can see, the 50 ZA delivers amazing detail and contrast.

For years I have been a fan boy of the Zeiss family of lenses. I have owned the Otus, and several other great Zeiss lenses for my Nikon cameras. Over the years, the Nikon/Zeiss or Canon/Zeiss combos have developed a reputation which has made them coveted by many. However, not long ago I decided it was time to move on and catch up with technology. I wanted autofocus Zeiss glass and a good full frame camera to use them on. Due to licensing restrictions, I was not going to find what I was looking for in either Canon or Nikon mount. According to Zeiss, they do not produce auto focus lenses for these cameras because of licensing issues. The only modern solution which met my requirements was to switch to the Sony Alpha system and use the ZA lenses with a native Sony A mount and auto focus. Boy. You have heard the saying, never say never. Let me tell you, after the switch and seeing results that clearly show why the Zeiss glass is so coveted, I find it hard to imagine ever going go back. The 50 ZA is weather sealed gem which focuses extremely fast, renders beautiful bokeh and is built like a tank. The 50 ZA sits nicely in your hand when attached to a DSLR or a small mirror less camera with the Sony LA-EA4 adapter. It is comfortable to hold and easy to focus when switching to manual focus. It is a true example of getting what you paid for. It has become my most used lens and it has yet to let me down. It is wonderful for street photography, snap shots landscapes and just about anything else you can think of. It even makes a great paper weight when it sits on my desk.

You have to ask yourself why this lens is overlooked by so many. Is it because it is for a Sony? Is it big or small? Is it too expensive? There are many thing s to bring up about this lens in conversation but you rarely read or hear about it. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that only Nikon and Canon are at the top. Sony is on a steam roller squashing the competition with innovation and advances in sensor technology that is defining the photography of tomorrow. Their alliance with Zeiss was a brilliant strategy that was successful in converting me from Nikon to Sony and the 50 ZA is just one of the reasons I have not even thought of turning back.


This friendly lad in Portland allowed me to photograph him.
Amazing detail can be seen in this cropped version of the previous photo. The texture of this photo makes it feel real. Simply put, this 50 is an outstanding lens.


Some bokeh samples for your viewing pleasure.






You can see much more from the 50 and other great Zeiss or Sony lenses on or .

Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 ZA Gallery


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  1. I bet this lens is excellent. As I do no longer use an icebox+stovepipe AKA DSLR so I own a SEL55F1.8 and am sure it is able to compete with this lens easily by any means.

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