A new source of inspiration

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A new source of inspiration

Steve Mark

We all have a specific type or style of photography that we favor over another.  Whether it is Street Photography, Landscape, Glamour, Nature or some other type of photography, we most likely became interested in photography because of that one photograph we saw that captured our attention long ago and sparked our interest in photography.  For me that specific style is a mixture of Street and Documentary styled photography which I loved looking at in LIFE and National Geographic magazines as I was growing up. And to this date, I still recall those great images and how I still dream of being able to capture similarly styled images myself.  By the way, I am still dreaming. Those photographers were talented.

Enter into the 21st century.  Now I am a grown man, very much still in love with my childhood hobby of photography but with an unlimited source of media to browse thanks to the internet.  No longer am I restricted to the magazines at home or at the 5 and Dime general stores. The world of photography has opened up like never before and new photographers inspire me to continue my hobby and keep dreaming.

Thanks to a home brewed website I created which attracted many photographers from around the world to post their photos; I came across the phenomenal work from Steve Mark.  The first time I saw a photograph taken by Steve, I knew I had found a photographer which reminded me of what attracted me to photography in the first place.

Steve Mark is a Boston native who has been involved with photography for over 40 years.  He has a unique style of street photography that he could probably trademark.  His ability to capture a person or a scene in a photographic frame that keeps you captivated is simply amazing. You don’t just turn a page and move on.  You look at the photo, you’re intrigued by the scene or circumstance, and you move on to another photo only to come back to the previous one because you want to see more of it. Then there is the life moment that makes you smile like a kiss from a beautiful woman or loyal dog staring you in the face.  Below are just a few images from Steve for you to enjoy.

You can view more of Steve’s great photography and contact information on his website http://www.stevemarkphoto.com/ .






Gresh Girl
Gresh Girl



Sleep My Brotha!
Sleep My Brotha!







Slicker Than The Rest!
Slicker Than The Rest!



Steve’s work has been published in several magazines including Muscle Mag International and Performance Press Magazine.

Additional galleries of Steve’s work can be found on http://shtarka1.leicaimages.com  ,  http://shtarka1.nikonimages.com  and http://shtarka1.zeissimages.com

12 Comments on A new source of inspiration

  1. Peter Elgar you are lucky I have for 13 years been taking pictures of my grandchildren; From the moment of birth I guess until all five leave the nests. I start taking pictures after they are delivered in the hospital. Of course I have the OB/GYN doctor’s permission every time. The latest birth was a set of twins(boy and girl) 7 years ago. I am taking a picture of the girl and boy separately. All we found out was a busy body walking past the open delivery door and saw me taking a picture of the boy (for mama and daddy) with his face visible under the delivery blanket. The busy body called 911 and turned me in to the police. They showed up and made a bad situation worse. The person told police I was a pedophile taking pictures of a naked baby. (I’m a proud grandpa) The doctors at the time said he had a hole in his heart and had less than twelve hours to live.(He was rushed by helicopter to a major hospital two hundred miles away.) I was released in the hospital no apology, no sorry and the person reporting the crime is a relative of the chief of police. No charges were filed.

  2. Steve is LUCKY in that he does his ‘Street Photography’ in USA NOT in ENGLAND where we are subject to surveillance in each town by CCTV and operators watch everyone especially those with ‘cameras’ — I member of my Club was seen photographing our old dis-used Post Office building and CCTV operator called the Police ! They questioned him – he told them he was ‘Documenting’ the old building before it my be demolished . Wo Betide Steve if he is seen photographng scenes containing ‘children’ here — I was at Southend-on-Sea and my almost grown up kids were getting ice-cream and a big bloke with Tattooes approached me and said I must not ‘point my Camera there ( at the beach) as there were ‘Children’ there — I told him I was only ‘looking through the lens at the Sun over the Pier, but anyway I have my OWN ‘Children’ to photograph if I wanted — my Wife was very annoyed that I was thought a ‘Paedo’ as I am ‘Old’ with a Camera.

  3. I have had the privilege of standing beside this amazing photographer on several occasions. He truly knows how to bring a still photograph to real life. Both honored and blessed to know this man as a person and a friend.

  4. Great subjects, great captures, great heart shows through each of his photos. Congratulations Steve. You deserve the recognition.

  5. I too have been inspired by Steve’s work as a great photographer. I am a beginner to photography. His work and style is very intriguing and motivates me & gets my wheels a churning to look for the next great vantage point for my next photo.

    Thank you Steve!

  6. Jorge, first off, i am humbled & so appreciative of this special tribute! The Amazing Hard Work that You put into All of your sites makes them Unique & Wonderful! So Many Brilliant Photographer’s here that i admire ,respect & learn from!!! It is an Honor to be amongst them. You, My Friend are a Talented,Passionate Photog, who has steered me in the right direction with my work in So Many Ways & I Thank You for your Devotion & Dedication to Our Craft!
    We shall tackle the “Streets One Day Together! Sincerest, Heartfelt Thanks My Brotha!

  7. The photography of Steve captivates from the first moment that you discover. It happened to me too when I met his work. Since then, I have not lost track. It is a particularly dynamic photographer in his scenes. And we moved immediately to each of the moments captured. An extensive and great work, Steve! Congrats!!

  8. A very flattering article. After visiting Mr Mark’s website, I can clearly see why you feel the way you do about his photography. Excellent !

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