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We are pleased to announce the launching of An online market designed for the photographer.

cp2 was designed to help bring photographers together in a common online market place. Unlike the big auction sites or other online selling places, offers the ability to focus strictly on photographic equipment from individuals and trustworthy reliable dealers. Furthermore, it is 100% free to post ads. This means you could post your entire inventory without incurring any fees. You only pay for what you sell. was developed by a well known figure in the photographic industry, his past and current ventures include popular sites such as, and other photo related sites. He has years of experience with online buying and selling of photographic gear. The intent was to develop a site where buyers and sellers can trust each other and feel comfortable with the transactions they engage in while utilizing the features of the site.
The site is full of features and additional features are currently being worked on. 
  • For starters, the site features an incredibly simple to use search engine which lets you get extremely granular with your search results by letting you build complex queries by simply clicking on links. You can read more about them here:
  • You can establish Buy and Sell friends and stay up to date on their listings.
  • Leave feedback as buyer or seller for your transactions.
  • Control your reputation by removing questionable feedback immediately while the moderators review the reported feedback and decide on its validity.
  • As a dealer, you can bulk upload ads by uploading a special delimited file. This save you time and gets your inventory online soon. Find out more about bulk uploading here:
  • Commit to buying an item and holding it for up to 24 hours while you arrange funding if not available immediately. This is called a Pending state of a purchase process. Find out more about Pending here:
  • Upload images for your ads. Additionally, you can embed images via links in the body of your ad.
  • Use keyword searches and see the ads matching your keywords while highlighting them in the body.
In addition to the above features, a new member knowledge base will be implemented shortly. This will allow members to build up the online encyclopedia of photographic gear with valuable information for the community to research.
If you are looking to buy or sell photographic equipment, please visit and give us a try you wont be disappointed. 

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