Sony Announces A7 II – Nail in Coffin for Nikon and Canon?

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You have seen the posts on several site. Sony Japan announced the A7II with 5 Axis on board image stabilization. Further evidence of Sony taking steps to dominate the Mirror less / Small body pro camera market.



Every generation of a new Sony camera has turned out to be a step forward for the camera division of Sony which is only a few years old  and another nail in the coffin for Nikon and Canon. While Sony continues to move forward with new ideas that work, Nikon and Canon seem to be stuck in the Jurassic period of cameras with their big Clunky DSLR’s that seem to be a rehash of old technology with minor cosmetic upgrades or enhancements.  Sony has been the tortoise in the race with the hare. While maintaining a steady pace and focus on technology, it is taking a leading position.


There is no denying that Canon and Nikon have the capability to aggressively challenge Sony in this market. But at this point, Sony is several generations ahead of the competition giving it a tremendous lead.  Should Nikon or Canon eventually decide to enter, It would be a first generation product with a small selection of lenses to accompany any such camera. While Nikon and Canon have been sleeping, Sony has been working hard. New high quality lenses from both Sony and Zeiss for E mounts plus what is on the horizon certainly make the A7 series an option for the Pro. No matter what the diehard fan will say about their Nikon or Canon, they will only be trying to mask the sun with their finger.

I once stated on a forum that Nikon and Canon have missed the boat compared to Sony and was immediately confronted with criticism saying that I was only dreaming. But like the hare that took a nap the critics have yet to wake up and face reality.

The A7 series is probably one of the best things to hit the consumers since the introduction of the 35mm camera. Not only is it a tool that delivers outstanding results, it is universal. The mount design allows you to use almost any lens you can think of with an adapter and free you of any ties to a specific mount. And now with the 5 Axis on board Stabilization, any lens is image stabilized without the added cost or design of lenses with built in vibration reduction.

The question now is, when do we get past the nails in the coffin and start shoveling the dirt over it? If Nikon and Canon do not wake up soon, rigor mortis will set in and reanimation will be too late.








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10 Comments on Sony Announces A7 II – Nail in Coffin for Nikon and Canon?

  1. The same discussions are held her in Norway, and we all agree that canikon are more obsessed with trying to hold on to their marked-positions, than to give us the newest, and best of technology there is – instread of dealing out a little here (a new camera you have to by) and a little there (another new camera you have to buy). There is a perfect good video about this on YouTube:
    BUT – Sony does still not have the best optics (yet…) and changed their mount too frequently to be trusted. At least I don’t trust them as yet. So, I will – for the time beeing – keep on with my Nikon-gear and just be jealouze…
    Best regards from Norway!

  2. I’ve been a Canon fan-boy forever… until I purchased a Sony A7R and then a Sony A7S. Wow! When did Canon forget about the ongoing march of technology!?

  3. “The question now is, when do we get past the nails in the coffin and start shoveling the dirt over it?”

    Dear Jorge,

    Why don’t we tear a page from Apple’s book, hope Sony does the same, and just ignore what Nikanon may be doing, as long as they’re sitting on the fence?

    Sony is where the innovation happens right now.

    Through a combination of cunning and sheer luck, Sony managed to introduce a totally open system. The most glaring lacuna in the E-Mount panoply — a complete lenses array — is happily stopped via adapters. Photographers can adapt their most cherished lenses, no matter what mount, as long as they can make do with MF and A or M modes. Even that may be remedied in time.

    Whatever Nikanon may offer in this field, if and when, it is inconceivable that they will be able or, more significantly, willing to match Sony’s non-parochial approach towards openness.
    For the first time, photographers have tasted system freedom. I’m betting (and hoping) they won’t renounce it so easily.

    Finally, I mentioned Apple. Why? Apple’s walled garden seems the very contrary to Sony’s new openness.
    But: When Apple innovated, they didn’t look left or right. They just went through with their new ideas, even when it meant killing off their old staples. The worst thing Sony could do now would be to watch for Nikanon’s response. They’re now in a unique position to shape customers’ expectations.

    • i totally agree with this. i thought sony did it magnificently when they put the electronic viewfinder on the LEFT SIDE CORNER of the nex-7 instead of putting it in the middle so you have to tilt your head and smear your nose all over the rear screen of the camera to be able to look inside it.
      the viewfinder doesn’t need to be in the middle… it needed to be in the middle in the past because there was a roll of film winding from one side to the other inside the camera body.
      since film is no longer an issue, the design of the cameras should not linger in old habits, but rather move forward.
      with an electronic viewfinder, a lens mount and a sensor, you can build a camera to what ever ergonomic new standards you seem fit.
      build a camera that follows the face, rather than fight your face over the same space and make you compromise while taking pictures.
      i have never ever gotten as straight images with any camera as i had with the nex-7… simply because whenever i put it to my face, it fitted perfectly next to my nose, and both the camera and my head were leveled with the horizon.

  4. No matter what the diehard fan will say about their Nikon or Canon, they will only be trying to mask the sun with their finger.
    i like that phrase,
    even though it hurts for many uf us (im a nikon user) but we have to admitted that its too late for canikon to react. and this dslr are jurrasic age tech, but for me the most reliable.
    but.. imagine if nikon have 5 axis,.. price gap on vr vs non vr are huge.. technology doesnt have to hurt us.

    even if they want to enter they dont have power to do that,..
    since when canon have beter technology implemented on camera that sony? they even hard to compete on sensor tech,.. canikon only have lenses and that the only reason sony are behind.

    its a matter of time before we realize that this is an are of technology, want it or not they hit on camera industry as well

    • I’ve been shooting with Sony foy years and update as new models come out. Using the A77II right now and cannot avoid the purchase of the A7 series as a second camera for muck longer. But with all of the talk of these even more spectacular Sony Sensors, I will wait a bit longer. Exciting times! Why would I even think about Canon or Nikon.

    • I am also a Nikon user. Nikon F6. For film, the F6 is my preferred camera. Probably the best film camera ever made. Don’t get me wrong. I like Nikon. I just think they are focused on the wrong market.

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