Can’t get the Batis?

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Frustrated with the availability of the new Zeiss Batis? Well, here is something to think about as an alternative. Although the 25 Batis is a superb lens, the 25mm F2 Distagon ZF/ZE may actually be a better choice for you. Granted there is no auto focus. But, with such a wide lens, focus will be a trivial task. The 25 ZF/ZE yields image quality with contrast, sharpness and colors that seem to match the Batis. But wait! You also get the option of using it on a Nikon or Canon as well. Just pay separate shipping and handling.

With the announcement of the new 21mm Loxia, you may be thinking why even bother? Well, they are both manual focus Distagon designs. They both have aperture rings. The Loxias are smaller but not that much smaller. Here is why. I have seen the 25’s ZF advertised used for as low as $800.00. At that price you would think this is a no brainer. However, this is just food for thought and does not mean you should just  abandon your quest for a Batis. Either way, you will get amazing results!

Here are a few shots from today using an A7II and the 25 F2 ZF. Scroll down to see how well the lens performs when shooting against the sun or brightly back lit subjects and a link to a full review of the 25 zf.

Maximize your browser then click on the images for the large versions.










And just for giggles, here is a review I did a while back on this lens.

Zeiss 25mm F2 Distagon Review


Also, have a look at here at the ZF 25mm F2 Gallery for images with the 25 ZF on a Nikon camera.


Here are some back lit shots to show flare control.













This is with a Nikon D4  :) Just look at that bokeh !




And lastly with the A7II, here is Anthony at his regular spot in Downtown Portland on Broadway.



10 Comments on Can’t get the Batis?

  1. Really good article.

    I have an A7ii and a Zeiss 25mm F/2 Distagon ZE. I am contemplating selling this lens, as a trade-in for a Batis 25mm. The weight gets me a little on the A7; but would be prepared to tolerate this, if I thought it was really worth keeping/ using – even as a speciality lens (as will only get half what I paid). (Could live with having a Batis 25mm as well, when I get round to street shooting).

    Mostly focusing on landscape and slow shooting for now. I will definitely, get the Loxia 21mm for landscape shots – as great size, sharpness etc for hiking with.

    Is the 25mm ZE f/2 really worth keeping for those nature/ landscape/ environmental portrait shots I won’t get with the Batis 25mm – in your opinion ? (I think its also a fair bit sharper) .. Cheers.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I got the zf.2 on my Sony a7ii and got it for $760. I had two chances of purchasing slightly used batis 25 but both times I was able to talk to myself if it is worth getting the batis. I’m not concerned with AF on this focal length and actually preferred manual focusing on the a7ii. Plus I can use this 25mm zf.2 and the 100mm makro on my d700.

  3. You make a good point, Jorge, and the ZE/ZF 25 is indeed a fine lens. This poitn can be extended to other lenses from this line, and from other manufacturers, as long as you are okay with MF. This is one of the strngths of the A7 platform.
    Although, as wide angles go, both Zeiss 25 have a new competitor which looks to be quite impressive: the Zeiss Loxia 21. My order is in.

    • That 21 Loxia does look impressive. If I do get it, it will be just to complete the Loxia collection and not as a replacement for the 25. The Loxia is a fine family of lenses with unsurpassed build quality.

  4. Hi,

    I agree with you on the 25 ZF. It is really a wonderful lens. I had one but unfortunately it was attached to a NEX-7 that was stolen last year from my car. Bummer. I hadn’t replaced it yet when I got word that the Batis lenses were coming..another WONDERFUL Zeiss creation.

    I always enjoy what you have to say. Thanks!

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