Some helpful tips for your Sony A7RII

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As we all know, the Sony has more menu options than you can shake at stick at. Sometimes it could be overwhelming for a first time owner to identify some basic settings which could make life a little easier. Having said that, I thought I would share 5 tips that will make shooting the A7RII or other A7 series camera a little friendlier.


For me one of the more enjoyable aspects of the A7RII or other Sony A7 cameras is the ability to have the electronic viewfinder show your subject nice and bright in the viewfinder no matter how dark the scene may be or how stopped down the lens is. You can achieve this by setting the Live View Display  setting to Setting Effect Off.




Having the camera hanging around your neck while your walking can consume your battery quite quickly because the rear display panel lights up whenever the camera thinks your moving it away from your face to look at the display. You can easily remedy this and save some battery by simply using the monitor instead of the rear display or both. You can set this by selecting FINDER/MONITOR then Viewfinder(Manual). Doing so will only activate the viewfinder.




Do you shoot with a lot of manual focus lenses that are adapted and have no communication with the camera? If you do and you probably would like to have focus magnification readily available at the press of a button.  Simply go to Custom Key Settings then select Custom Button 2 then select Focus Magnifier. Now whenever your shooting and want that magnification, simply move your index finger slightly and press the C2 button.




Manually fine tuning that locked in auto focus is done quite easily. Simply press the Fn key behind the camera, scroll over to the Focus Mode box and select DMF. Now when you slightly press the shutter release and the focus is confirmed, the camera will switch to direct manual focus so you can fine tune the focus if you like. Once done just press the button the rest of the way.  This options works very well with Focus Peaking on.




Finally, this particular setting which I wont even show a picture of may be obvious to many but can serve as a reminder more than anything else. Set your Image Quality to RAW or RAW & JPEG. The other day I went out and did a 3 hour shoot only to get home and realize I had the camera to default settings from the factory for image quality. This happened because I had an extra body I took with me and forgot to customize the settings.  Needless to say, this was a great disappointment to me as I ended up was great pictures that I could not do much with other than show them on a tablet.



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  1. Some sound advise, for this digital neanderthal, thank you. The more I experience this amasing camera the more I enjoy using it, and, any settings can be cancelled out once my technique develops. I am very much a film user of over 55 years but that is B&W only following the passing of my beloved Kodachrome ll?

  2. Thanks for sharing – I did not knew the “Live View Display” trick until now. My A7II menu looks a little bit different and not all items are present though.

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