Full circle ? Nikon to Sony, Sony to ?

A case for moving back ?

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As a long time Nikon user who converted to Sony 98%, I can honestly tell you that I am waiting for Nikon to produce a FF pro camera with an EVF so I can jump back. Don’t get me wrong, I Love the Sony. But, the confidence in reliability and ruggedness just isn’t there like it is with a Nikon.

We can’t deny that images from the A7 series cameras are hard to beat. The advancements in technology by Sony are truly inspiring and challenges any other camera company to step up to the plate. Simply put, Sony has opened up a new door into the future of photography. But, as so many others, I have a large collection of legacy Nikon glass plus I just recently acquired a very large Zeiss 85mm Milvus and now find myself  in need of a body that will accommodate such lenses without feeling the lens will break the camera.  And there’s the rub. This is where Sony falls behind the competition. As much as I hate to say it, Leica has answered the call with their new SL pro body. A cameras that will accommodate the legacy glass and new glass without sacrificing build quality. The SL is a solidly built camera that gives you that confidence Sony does not. As much as I complained about the size of the SL and it’ limitation when compared to the Sony, I have to admit the advantage of the size and build outweigh the pros of the A7RII. Unfortunately, I feel it is over priced and servicing will most likely need to be done in Germany. Therefore, it is out of reach for me.

Where does this leave me and many others? I am still waiting for the Nikon alternative. I am sure that when Nikon delivers a pro version of a mirror less, it will be on the same level of a D4, D810, D750 with lots to praise and complain about. But, it will most likely give me and many  others a long overdue camera.
So if Leica can do it with their SL, why the hell can’t Nikon do it? Why the hell do we have to wait so long? Does Nikon even see the threat?  There are many including myself who are just waiting on Nikon to deliver a FF mirror less camera or Sony to gives us a pro version of their A7RII.

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  1. From a collection of 20 Nikon and F mount lenses lenses, ranging 8-300mm, i will take a pass, Not going back. No MF screens for the 8**/7** after 8 years and they pretend everything is backward-compatible. Sold it off, save a NOCT, 16/3.5 fisheye and a 75-150, all for my FM2T.

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