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Finally, a website dedicated to 50mm lens images or equivalent for the native film or sensor size.

With so many lenses available theses days ranging in all sorts of focal length, we tend to forget the classic unbeatable standard lens. Or more commonly the 50 on a 35mm camera. A focal length that is truly universal and captures the essence of photography as we remember it growing up. Needless to say, the selection of 50’s or 55’s or 45’s is vast with each lens rendering in a different style and each manufactures striving to be the best. Whether it’s Leica, Zeiss, Nikon or other brand, your 50 will give you years of photographic pleasure while keeping the experience in a raw form making you feel like you are recording moments in time.

50MIL.com has just come online and it’s main goal is to host images taken with a standard lens. Primarily the 50 or equivalent focal length depending on the sensor or film size. If you love the 50 and want to share with other have a look around the site, join for free and begin posting.

here are just a few of my shots with a 50 …











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