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First of all, thank you for visiting. My name is Jorge Torralba and as you can see from this website, I enjoy photography quite a bit. I have an extensive background in photography going back to my younger years. Ever since high school, I was deeply involved in photography. Most of my work was street photography and occasionally was called upon as a stringer for UPI in Miami. However, those days are long gone and photography is just a hobby for me. I make a living as a software engineer living near Portland.

As you can see from my writings and images, I really appreciate Zeiss optics. So much so that several years ago, I created a website called Zeissimages.com dedicated to photographs taken with Zeiss lenses. I created the site from the ground up with my own software and today it proudly hosts thousands of members with thousands of Zeiss photos.

Having said all this, I am now venturing into the world of blogging. I have never done this before so this is a trial period for me in online blogging. I hope you participate and contribute articles which I would be glad to publish.


Thanks for visiting.