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    The Sony RX1R is the best camera I have ever used. It is a joy to work with, well made and has amazing IQ. So when Sony announced the new version I was just over the moon about it. If I could only choose one camera for the rest of my life it would be the new RX1RII. It seems it’s two main flaws have been fixed and that was the slow autofocus and lack of built in viewfinder.
    Many people seem really perplexed when they come up to me and ask about the RX1R and I tell them it has a fixed 35mm lens. I admit it doesn’t seem rational at first, I mean who would limit themselves to just one focal length? Every photographer is different but when I looked through my image library I saw that 75% of all my images where at the 35mm focal length and that was enough to convince me to buy the RX1R and I have used it for countless jobs and it became my go to camera for just about everything. The lens on this little camera is PERFECT! Shoot wide open or stopped down and all you’ll se is perfection.

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    Indeed something to get excited about. The 35 on that camera combined with the new sensor and ability to control the AA filter will simply mean out of this world pictures. The 35 is in a league of its own!

    I hear so much about the Q. But I would take an Rx1RII over a Q any day of the week.

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    I am also very excited about he RX1 R II, which could be my backup body alongside my A7R II. That said, I have never been happy with Zony lenses, so I will have to try one out. And also I find the Leica Q surprisingly competitive by comparison: only 25%-30% more for a Leica over a Sony is unprecedented. It makes me wish Leica had issued an interchangeable-lens Q with the same parkup over the A7R II instead of the SL.

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    The Zeiss 35 on the RX1RII is probably one of the best most beautiful rendering 35’s out there. It is a gem. You will be amazed. Yes, you hear this 35 is great that 35 is great but the Sonnar on the RX1R is simply magical! I know the Q has some great reviews but I would take the RX1RII over the Q any day. The 35 on the RX1RII is much more practical than the 28 on the Q. Not to mention the 42MP back lit sensor plus the ability to control AA filter.



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